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Who Cries When Terror Strikes?

On 13the November 2015, 128 people were killed in a gunfire in Paris.

On 12th November 5015, 43 people died in a suicide bombing in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon.

On 13th November 2015, 19 people were killed in bombing at a funeral in Baghdad.


The Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibly or has at least been heavily suspected for each of these terrorist attacks. Countless Syrians, Iraqis, Shiites, Arabs are being killed everyday. But the world only mourns the loss of white blood.


Why doesn’t anybody pray for Islam?


When one Muslim kills another, the world sees it as civil war. But only when a white man in killed by a Muslim does the world call it terrorism. This is simply human beings killing human beings.


The brutal and extremist ideology of radical Islam is indeed a problem for the world. Most people think it is the Christian community or the West that is most threatened by jihadist terror but rather it is the rest of the Islamic population including Syrian refuges, Iraqi women, families of jihadists who face maximum threat. It these people who are suffering the most. Not the west.


Thousands will blame Islam for what happened. But they will forget that it is Islam that has lost the most. Thousands will mourn the lives of the dead Parisians, they will pray for the wounded lying in French hospitals, but no one will pray for the countless women who are raped by ISIS jihadists, the Syrian refuges who have no place to go, the starving Muslim children at whom the world looks at with contempt, fearing what they’ll grow up to be and those who live in constant terror in these Islamic cities. But every time ISIS takes a life it is the entire Islamic community that is blamed. Every time the jihadists embark terror on the world it is Islamophobia not sympathy that grows in the heart of the people.

Why do we pray for Paris and not Iraq? Paris is a city, significantly wealthier and better organised than the Middle East. The have health facilities most of the Islamic population can barely dream of. The citizens can be rest assured their country will protect them. There will be safety. But safety is something these cities have never known. How can they ask their country to protect them when it is their country that they need protection from? And more over, the entire Western community backs them. The world is with them. On the other hand Islamophobia only deepens.


The world punishes and fears them for crimes they have not committed. The ISIS bombs them, tortures them, starves them, and the rest of the world is prejudiced against them. They are poor, uneducated, scared people who have no home, no family and no safety left. They have no one praying for them. Maybe they’ve stopped praying for themselves. Do not pity the privileged; pity those who cannot even pity themselves. France feels it has been wronged. And it has. But this was one bombing. Eventually Parisians will go back to their normal lives and this event will fade into a mere event in the history of Paris. But Islam suffers everyday. There is no redemption for them. Not in the eyes of ISIS, not in the eyes of the world, and not in their own eyes.


So where is Justice? When will she top punishing the innocent? When will the jury give a verdict that is not so heavily biased? When will ISIS be eradicated?


When will Justice come?


Will she come too late? Or will she never come at all?




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    Keep up the great job and generating the crowd!

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