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The Pianist

White sheets covered the furniture  The walls have long forgotten the light  But the doors open today To bring a pale boy into sight  His Eyes have lost all water  Like a cloud that has rained too much  He wears his mother’s Jacket  In it he feels her touch  Her loving caress, her sunshine aroma,  […]

To Those Who Dream…

Hello! If you have ever read my blog, you know what it is about. I started this blog six months ago. It was mostly an outlet to express my own ideas and thoughts. I was the only one who wrote for the blog ‘A Penny for a Thought’. Recently I have bought my own domain […]

Book Review: Jane Erye

Set and written in the 1850’s Jane Erye, is probably the most popular Brontë sister novel and for good reason. Often I have heard people complain about how classics are slow paced. While Austen has a charm unique to her alone, Pride and Prejudice does feel slurred at a few places.  Jane Eyre on the […]

Into That Good Night…

I.  I’m almost done with the questions. There are ten. I’m ready to submit my application. This is it, my shot at math camp. This is my opportunity to spend 4 weeks doing intense math. Or maybe it’s my opportunity to label myself an accomplished woman. Another little notch on my belt. Not that I […]

Tipping Scales

Tipping Scales

Old age traditions have an authority; they linger over us, and become a part of a rhythmic cycle, which is why they’re traditions. We are all at the end of the day creatures of habit; we like to dwell in what we know and what we’ve done but I guess more than that we grow […]

Masquerade Ball

I won’t say that around people I’m not the so called, cliched ‘real me’, because I don’t believe in a ‘real me’. When I can see my self change every second like the turning of gold mechanical clocks, when I can hear the my thoughts change rhythm and pitch, when I can feel my emotions […]

Angels of the Night

When you’re sixteen and have the rest of your life to look forward to, it isn’t often that you find your self with deep regrets. When you’re living in the 21st century, where people chastise conventional thinking, it is not often that you find yourself wishing that you could choose a different path in life. […]

We live to matter

“Do we matter?” This is the question we struggle to answer, as we try to appease our mind and try to find our stand in this twisted, enormously overwhelming piece of mass, called the world. Philosophers- ancient and modern, intellectuals of yesterday and today, philanthropists from all times, have come up with often conflicting and […]

The Gray Between Black and White

The Gray Between Black and White

There comes a point in life when you begin to question the person you’ve become. We all ask ourselves at one point or the other, “Do I like the person I’ve become?, and sometimes before we reach that point, somebody else asks that question for us. “Who are you? Look at yourself. Do you like […]

Pride and Whims- What for?

Pride and Whims- What for?

I was from a big city. She was from a small village. I was good at basketball. She was great at basketball. I spoke English and Hindi. She spoke Hindi mixed with Haryanvi. I watched chick flicks and crime serials. She watched old Hindi movies. I was spoilt. She was ground to Earth. I drank […]


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