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Is ignorance bliss?

A few days ago I was sitting in my political science class when the teacher asked a student where the Parliament was located in India?

To my surprise she had absolutely no idea. I was shocked that a sixteen year old doesn’t know where the Parliament of her country meets. This cannot be classified as unawareness. This can only be called illiteracy. I call this a sign of being uneducated.

You cannot just blame theĀ education system for this. You have to blame the parents, you have to blame her company, you have to blame her for living in the shadow of utter oblivion. If you have gone through sixteen years of your life not knowing a simple fact like this, thenĀ there is something fundamentally wrong? Haven’t you ever watched the news? Haven’t you ever opened a newspaper? Living in the capital of the country, hasn’t one person around you ever mentioned the Parliament, or elections or anything about politics? Friends? Family? Teachers? No one? Or were you not listening?

Today we lack knowledge. In part, the education system is to blame. But it goes beyond that. Conversations have been reduced to self absorbed discussions about ourselves about is ourselves. We are only interested in our own lives. As we become more and more engrossed with ourselves, the less we know about what’s happening in the world. We have ceased to care.

Parents aren’t bothering about how much their child knows, they’re concerned with how much they score. But how far can numbers take you is the question? How far can ranks take you? How far can 95% take you? If you don’t know what’s happening in the world you simply cannot survive in it.

To be honest I don’t know that many people in my school who read books anymore. I don’t know people who have intellectually stimulating conversations. We are becoming dumber. We are becoming vain. And it is our vanity which leads us to believe that we, that our generation is at the pinnacle of human evolution. We believe we are progressing, but are we? Or are we deluded by our ignorance?

People don’t want to know because it doesn’t not concern them. Why wrap your head over something that you don’t need to know. After all isn’t ignorance bliss??

Ignorance is bliss???

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