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Imitation Game

Codes, encryptions, machines, drama, emotion, British wit, accents and Benedict Cumberbatch, what doesn’t this movies have? Imitation Game was a beautiful, soul-touching, and nerve racking movie about the life of Alan Turing. Moved to tears, I felt a hole in my heart walking out of the movie hall. Not only was it intriguingly delightful to see and understand the character that Cumbercatch portrayed skilfully, it was an emotional roller coaster for me, as I identified with Turing, a personality not many of us witness. Despite his eccentric ways, and brilliant mind, his heart was the same as any of ours, and it is hard not to connect with him, and to feel his sorrow as my own. 

Kiera Knightley, was a splendid factor enriching the movie immediately. She was exciting and inspiring to watch. The movie was not only a great masterpiece as a whole, but every second, every detail was played out perfectly, every scene captivating, every trinket interesting. 

Also despite being emotional and exciting, it send out a message. A message how often social rules, which may seem correct to all at the time being result in catastrophes. It shows us how against we humans are to anything and anyone different from the rest of us. We as people need to adapt to adjust to the different, the unknown, and the eccentric. Because like this movie showed, they are the ones we need the most, they are ones who’ll change the world, and they are the ones with hearts as beautiful as our own.

Today we celebrate Alan Turing, today we call him a great man, today we feel the regret of what was done years ago. And I ask you why are our realisations always too late?

“Sometimes it is the people no imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine.”

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