Think. Believe. Rethink.

Child Soldier

I watched the fireworks, entranced

Not by the way the lights danced

In the black night skies

Like multicoloured fireflies


No, the chemical fireflies

No matter how much I tried

Struck me once as pretty

Then at once as ugly


And stayed that way in my memory


I know people heard cheers of joy

But I heard the screams of a little boy

I know people saw lights and beauty

But I saw small hands, burnt and sooty


Once red, once green and twice blue

We watched the arcs those hands drew

In burning embers on the holy night

When lives are engulfed in golden light


And they stayed that way in my memory


Even as fumes polluted my precious city

Clouds polluted his very body

Even as his own creation lit up my sky

A lone candle’s flame flickered in his eye


A long way away from the dreaded factory

And the dreaded master who loves his money

When the last sparkles floated to the ground

I knew I’d never heard a silence quite that loud


And now it will stay that way in my memory



Saumya Malhotra is a high school junior currently studying in D.P.S Vasant Kunj. She is a talented all rounder with many accomplishments under her belt. She has great insight and is a wonderful conversationalist. 

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