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Book Review: Jane Erye

Set and written in the 1850’s Jane Erye, is probably the most popular Brontë sister novel and for good reason. Often I have heard people complain about how classics are slow paced. While Austen has a charm unique to her alone, Pride and Prejudice does feel slurred at a few places.  Jane Eyre on the […]

Do our Fandoms make us or do we make ...

Do our Fandoms make us or do we make our Fandoms?

Dystopian is the new thing. It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating and with little bit of romance, it makes the perfect genre. And dystopian teenage fiction, almost always has a full fledged rebellion. And what is more inspiring than a rebellion by a bunch of teenagers? I’ll tell you. Nothing. If you born in the 20th century […]


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