Think. Believe. Rethink.

Live Postcards

I remember as we lay under the bare night sky, a scene from a pitiful romance novel, with the fireflies buzzing around us like dancing stars. The meandering river blared past us; its sound fading with our habituation. Not even our chattering teeth, the rocks digging into our spines and our fear of the legendary […]

Are we women yet?

To the friendships that consumed us, to the memories tucked away in our hearts, and to the women we’ll become because of each other… Sad is the day, lost are my thoughts, moist are my eyes and broken is my heart, as I sit here alone. I see six young girls walking together, they’re giggling […]

Is ignorance bliss?

A few days ago I was sitting in my political science class when the teacher asked a student where the Parliament was located in India? To my surprise she had absolutely no idea. I was shocked that a sixteen year old doesn’t know where the Parliament of her country meets. This cannot be classified as […]

The Stench of Desperation

For the past one year I have been trying to come to terms with new things that surround me. Like history, the course of my beliefs, my values and my “ideology” has changed on multiple occasions. I see my thoughts maturing, developing as I pocket new experiences and see more of the world. By world […]

Child Soldier

I watched the fireworks, entranced Not by the way the lights danced In the black night skies Like multicoloured fireflies   No, the chemical fireflies No matter how much I tried Struck me once as pretty Then at once as ugly   And stayed that way in my memory   I know people heard cheers […]

Who Cries When Terror Strikes?

On 13the November 2015, 128 people were killed in a gunfire in Paris. On 12th November 5015, 43 people died in a suicide bombing in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. On 13th November 2015, 19 people were killed in bombing at a funeral in Baghdad.   The Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibly or […]

Musings of a Broken Heart

They tell me my brokenness is ephemeral That all the tears I shed are an expression of deprecating myself for your love I enervated myself replaying your unfinished answers to my questions in my head Hoping, praying That you loved me even for a heartbeat. That all those moments we spent together were not an […]


Agoraphobia-A fear of entering new or unfamiliar situations   How can I fix it, you ask. I am scared to tell you you can’t: it has gone beyond the point it can be repaired or fixed; it can only be healed, if at all. The ache in my heart coincides with a smile on your […]

The Last King

Bow down, King   Pick your head up,   In your own two hands;   For your hands were tied.       But I drew your sword   Your hands of lifeless gold, awakened   At the decision of my blood-soaked steel   Unshackled & Beheaded-       Your raw scalp mimicked my […]

Parallel Lives and Cultures

Sometime ago I read this piece of work by a Russian girl, Serafima Fedorova. I was really inspired by her writing and I realised what it really means to be a good writer. I really wanted to share her work with you because I know that her candour and expression really touched me. She has […]


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