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Child Soldier


I watched the fireworks, entranced Not by the way the lights danced In the black night skies Like multicoloured fireflies   No, the chemical fireflies No matter how much I tried Struck me once as pretty Then at once as ugly   And stayed that way in my memory   I know people heard cheers […]

Who Cries When Terror Strikes?

justice statue

On 13the November 2015, 128 people were killed in a gunfire in Paris. On 12th November 5015, 43 people died in a suicide bombing in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. On 13th November 2015, 19 people were killed in bombing at a funeral in Baghdad.   The Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibly or […]

Musings of a Broken Heart


They tell me my brokenness is ephemeral That all the tears I shed are an expression of deprecating myself for your love I enervated myself replaying your unfinished answers to my questions in my head Hoping, praying That you loved me even for a heartbeat. That all those moments we spent together were not an […]



Agoraphobia-A fear of entering new or unfamiliar situations   How can I fix it, you ask. I am scared to tell you you can’t: it has gone beyond the point it can be repaired or fixed; it can only be healed, if at all. The ache in my heart coincides with a smile on your […]

Is ignorance bliss?


A few days ago I was sitting in my political science class when the teacher asked a student where the Parliament was located in India? To my surprise she had absolutely no idea. I was shocked that a sixteen year old doesn’t know where the Parliament of her country meets. This cannot be classified as […]

The Last King


Bow down, King   Pick your head up,   In your own two hands;   For your hands were tied.       But I drew your sword   Your hands of lifeless gold, awakened   At the decision of my blood-soaked steel   Unshackled & Beheaded-       Your raw scalp mimicked my […]

Parallel Lives and Cultures


Sometime ago I read this piece of work by a Russian girl, Serafima Fedorova. I was really inspired by her writing and I realised what it really means to be a good writer. I really wanted to share her work with you because I know that her candour and expression really touched me. She has […]

The Pianist

White sheets covered the furniture  The walls have long forgotten the light  But the doors open today To bring a pale boy into sight  His Eyes have lost all water  Like a cloud that has rained too much  He wears his mother’s Jacket  In it he feels her touch  Her loving caress, her sunshine aroma,  […]

To Those Who Dream…


Hello! If you have ever read my blog, you know what it is about. I started this blog six months ago. It was mostly an outlet to express my own ideas and thoughts. I was the only one who wrote for the blog ‘A Penny for a Thought’. Recently I have bought my own domain […]

The Stench of Desperation


For the past one year I have been trying to come to terms with new things that surround me. Like history, the course of my beliefs, my values and my “ideology” has changed on multiple occasions. I see my thoughts maturing, developing as I pocket new experiences and see more of the world. By world […]


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